Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jack Carter Dog Park

We took the dogs to Jack Carter Dog Park in Plano today. The dog park is across the pedestrian bridge from the parking lot. While there were a lot of cyclists out at the park today, as well as runners with their shirts off in 95 degree heat at 2pm, there were no other dogs at the dog park. This might be because there was absolutely no shade in the dog area! On the park's website, it says water stations are provided for humans and dogs, however, we didn't go into the dog area to verify. We decided to go to White Rock dog park instead as they have some shade, and the dogs can swim there.

I would like to give Jack Carter Dog Park a try some other time, but not until the fall when the weather is cooler.

The park is located at 2601 Pleasant Valley Dr, Plano, TX 75023.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fuzzy's Tacos

This past weekend was a welcome respite from the winter snow and ice that hammered Dallas the first week in February. (Don't laugh.)

We took our 1 year old dog Athena, and our new adopted pup, Gothmog, to get their yearly vaccinations and then to the dog park at White Rock Lake to enjoy the sunshine and expose Gothmog to new dogs and people. (The water was not turned on at the dog park though, grr.) 

Afterwards, two hungry people and two tired doggies made their way to Fuzzy's Tacos at 6465 E Mockingbird Ln. in  Dallas for a late lunch of beef and pork tacos, white queso, Cokes for the humans, and a giant bowl of water for the dogs. The tacos were fantastic, Baja style shredded meat on corn tortillas topped with onion, cilantro, and a mild feta cheese. The white queso was a large portion and very tasty as well.

The patio is very dog-friendly - there were 3 dogs there in addition to our girls, and everyone on the patio was welcoming. I was happy to see that the parents of some kids there had taught the kids to ask permission before petting a dog and approached the dogs calmly. This is essential!

Fuzzy's has locations all around the D/FW Metroplex - so go check it out!

Tiny Gothmog

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Twisted Root - Restaurant

Twisted Root Burger Co. opened up a new location in Dallas a few months ago that has a nice outdoor patio where you can relax with your pup while having a great burger. I recommend the portobello burger with goat cheese, and be sure to try the ancho-chipotle ketchup with your fries. There's also a semi-outdoor bar area serving basic beers and mixed drinks. However, they get a little fancier with their alcoholic milk shakes if you're so inclined.

5609 SMU Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75206

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trail - Spring Creek Nature Area

This 3.84 mile paved trail is a great place to walk or bike with your dog. It's a pretty densely wooded area so there's plenty of shade. There's one water fountain up by the side of the road at Glenville and Routh Creek and one at Foxboro Park but we recommend bringing your own water to make sure no one gets dehydrated. There is a restroom at Foxboro Park as well.

Location: Southeast corner of Central Expressway service road at Renner Rd. in Richardson. If the parking lot there is full, continue east on Renner, make a right on Plano Rd. and park at Foxboro Park. From the park, there's a tunnel that takes you under Plano Rd. to the nature trail.

PDF map from the City of Richardson:

Dog Park - White Rock Dog Park

The White Rock Dog Park is probably the largest dog park in Dallas. The park has an area for small dogs and a larger area for big dogs. Small dogs can also go in the big dog area. The big dog area has a sort of water hole and spigot at one end and plenty of picnic tables and benches so you can take a load off while you watch your dog frolic.

The park also has a swimming ramp for dogs...great on a hot day or for letting your dog wash off if they get muddy.

                                                               O hai - Can I sniff ur butt?

Address: 8000 Mockingbird Lane, Dallas TX 75218

Park Hours: 5:00 a.m.- 12:00 a.m.
No puppies under 4 months of age
Current vaccinations & city registrations required
No dogs in heat allowed
No food, treats, or glass bottles allowed in the park


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